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The Task Scheduler can be used to run GAB programs unattended in Global Shop on a certain date and time a different frequencies such as once, daily, weekly, or monthly. The following explains how to set up a GAB script in Task Scheduler.

Task scheduler.jpg

➢Create a new hook for the GAB Script in GAB Hook Maintenance.

➢Go to System Support > Administration > Task Scheduler Maintenance.

➢Click Add New, click the Task is Active checkbox, then click "GAB Script" as the Task Type.

➢For Jobstream, Custom Program or Script to Run field, browse for your custom hook.

➢Select desired Frequency, Start Date, and Start Time.

➢Click Save

  • NOTE: If you would like to run this program off the Task Scheduler more than once a day, you will need to repeat the above process with different Start Times and Frequency as "Daily". For example, if you would like this to run hourly during business hours, you would need to repeat the process 10 times, starting with one at 8 am, and ending with one at 5pm.