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Adding Screen Wizard

➢Go to System Support> Administration> GAB Script Hook Maintenance

➢Select the Screen's Populate Hook (example: 10120)

➢Click New Seq

➢Click the Wizard Hat➢Select Active checkbox

➢Select Asynchronous checkbox

➢Click Save Seq

Screenwiz1.jpg Attaching GABScreenConfig.gas sequence to the hook

➢Using Hook 10120 as an example, open the corresponding screen (note: if you use a different hook, it will be a different screen)

➢Go to Inventory> File> Inventory Parts> Open

➢The Script Wizard box should open in along with your Screen

Screenwiz2.jpg Screen Wizard screen

Using Screen Wizard

➢Select a control (Text box, Label, Button, etc.) on the screen, and the Script Wizard should display the control's information.

➢You can change the Control's Value, select/deselect Locked, Visible, and Tab Stop.

➢You can show the Control's IDs by clicking Info. You have the option to view All, Text boxes, Labels, or Buttons. To hide the IDs, click Info again, and click Ok without selecting anything.

➢Once you have made your changes, to the control, click Add.

➢You can then click another control to make changes.

➢If you do not want to make any changes to a control you may have clicked, click Clear.

➢If you do not want to make any changes you have already added, select the control in the Script Wizard and click Remove.

➢Once you have added all your changes to the Screen Wizard, you can set who views the changes by clicking Security.

➢Click Generate.

➢A message box will display the location of your new script.

➢Close Inventory System- Update Parts screen

Adding Your Changes

➢Go back to the GAB Hook Maintenance Screen.

➢Double click on the GABScreenConfig.gas in the table

Screenwiz3.jpg Deleting the GABScreenConfig.gas sequence from the hook

➢Click Delete Seq

➢Click New Seq

➢Click the Magnifying Glass

➢Locate your new Script

Screenwiz4.jpg Attaching the new Screen Wizard gas file

➢Click Save Seq

➢Close GAB Hook Maintenance Screen

➢Go to Inventory> File> Inventory Parts> Open

➢Observe the changes to the screen.

If you want your screen to go back to the way it was originally:

➢Open GAB Script Hook Maintenance Screen

➢Double click SW_10120.gas in the table

➢Click Delete Seq