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(This callwrapper is still in development and has not been released yet.) The call wrapper will use passed information to call the ProcessTax module to remove any VAT tax authorities. Tax data after removal will be returned along with a status. Note that tax values may or may not change. This mode is not applicable to line level data. This callwrapper uses SysParameterList instead of linkage.

Version Requirements

Minimum version: 2020.1

Maximum version: N/A

Passed Properties


Required. Company code.


Hard coded to 13 for this callwrapper.


Required. The data source is used to apply specific rules and criteria within the tax module. The value is normally based on the object used to populate the properties passed to the tax module. A data source may be applicable to more than one object. For instance, a data source of Order would be used both for the order ship to and order line. Also, a data source may be specific to the status of data in the object. For example, data sources of shipment and invoice batch are both shipments but in a different step in the invoice cycle. Source data types:

  • 0 - Order
  • 5 - InoviceBatch


Required. Tax state.

*TaxAuthorities(List Of AppliedTaxAuthority)

Required. ApplyTaxes is required for all data sources except Prospect, Customer, and Customer Ship To. Takes TaxAuthorities list and splits it into lists TaxAuthorityZones(Strings), TaxAuthorityCodes(Strings), and ApplyTaxes(Booleans).

Returned Properties


Tax state.

ReturnTaxAuthority(List Of AppliedTaxAuthority)

Takes list ReturnTaxAuthorityZones(Strings), ReturnTaxAuthorityCodes(Strings), and ReturnApplyTaxes(Booleans) and combines them into ReturnTaxAuthorities.


Returned statuses:

  • 0 - Successful
  • 1 - InvalidParameter
  • 2 - Failed
  • 3 - Cancel

Technical Information

  • Core program: ProcessTax
  • Full name: GSSEO.Callwrappers.Sales.RemoveVatTaxAuthorities