Naming Conventions

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Data Type Abbreviation Example
Boolean (True/False) b bEOF
Date/Time date dateStart
Float f fPrice
Integer/Long i iCount
String/Text s sCompany
UDT u uRecord

Screen Elements

Control Type Abbreviation Example
Calendar Control cal calTrip
Combo Box cbo cboEmployees
Check Box chk chkTemporary
Command Button cmd cmdSubmit
Date Picker dtp dtpStart
Drop Down List dlst dlstNames
Hierarchical Flex Grid hflx hflexColInfo
Image List ilist ilistGraphics
Listview Member item itemX
Label/Caption lbl lblTitle
Listbox lst lstContacts
List View lvw lvwReport
Object obj objProject
Treeview Node node nodeElement
Radio Button opt optYes
Scroll Bar scroll scrollProgress
Slider Control sld sldSlide
Spin Control spin spinStatus
Status Bar status statusComplete
Tab Control tab tabProject
Tree View trv trvTree
Text Box, Rich Text Box txt txtName
Global Shop Flex Grid gsflexgrid gsflexgridData

Declared Objects

Object Abbreviation Example
ADO Connection con conX
ADO Recordset rst rstCustomer

Structure Elements

Element Abbreviation Example
Form F_ F_Test
Module M_ M_Test


  • New ScriptsoScripts written by ATG group members will start with "ATG_"oScripts written by any other GSS employee will start with "GAB_"oThe current copy of the program needs to be submitted to, so it can be properly backed up, placed into source control, and placed into the 646 archive.oA listing for the modified program needs to be posted to the GAB Forum▪Can be listed on the existing if it is a modified script noting the changes▪Should be listed as a new topic if it is a new program▪Comments indicating change history need to be written into the program. The comment log block should indicate the author, the changes performed, and the publishing dateoUse WF for Work Flow “ATG_WF_….”oUse MSG for Messaging “ATG_MSG_…”
  • New versions of existing scripts – these are scripts that have been released to customers through Distro and are listed on the GAB Forum that customers want modifications quoted and coded.oScriptName_VAR#.gasoUpdate the number based on how many version – VAR stands for Variation or VariantoIf someone other than the GAB team revise an existing script the script name should start with GAB and then the rest should be the same, adding the VAR#, this way we can determine what group made the changes.oComments indicating the Change History need to be written into the program. This should include the author, the changes performed, and the publishing date.