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The new version of the GAB Code Editor and runtime introduce a new format (G2P), for GAB Script Version 2, Packaged. This is an encrypted format like G2C, but instead of only containing the script text, it can contain several different files.

Any GAB project that uses the Picture property on controls in the designer, layout controls, or any embedded references must be saved as a G2P. The code editor will prompt you to save as this format if your project is incompatible with older formats.


The G2P file contains a table of contents at the beginning of the file. Each line is of the following format:


For example, this:


Following the table of contents, you'll see "info::", which is an encrypted token which allows sensitive properties to be stored as part of the file.

Lastly, you'll see "data::", followed by what appears to be gibberish. This section is the contents of all of the included files, one after the other. If you start right after "data::", and count the number of bytes, you would have the full file, but encrypted.

This file cannot be edited directly, or decryption will almost surely fail. To edit this file, please export the project as a Zip, and re-import it when you are finished editing.