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The new Code Editor and OCTSRS support Enums for commonly used "Magic Numbers".

To use enumerations, type "V.Enum.", and a list of available enumerations will appear in the intellisense. After selecting the enumeration, add "!" to see the available values.



The available accent colors for the form (title bar, highlight, etc.)



The mode ID that the lookup uses to populate when Lookup Populate Mode is set to LookupMode.


The method in which the lookup populates.


  1. AttachToControl = 0 ' Uses a beak panel pointing at the AssociatedControl. Not a separate window. This is the preferred style.
  2. DockableWindow = 2 ' Uses a DockPanel to hold the browser.
  3. ExternalWindow = 3 ' Uses a separate form to hold the browser.


These values can be added together to change the icon or button combinations. Custom buttons are displayed after the standard ones listed below.

When Critical, Question, Exclamation, or Information are added to other button combinations, the other buttons are used, while the form image is taken from these.

Theme Colors

Returns a the color, based on the current theme. For example, "Black" would be a dark color on light themes, and a light color on dark themes.


   .Plus(Percent 0 to 100, Integer)   ' Returns the color, X% toward white on light themes, and X% toward black on dark themes.
   .Minus(Percent 0 to 100, Integer)  ' Returns the color, X% toward black on light themes, and X% toward white on dark themes.
   .Highlight                         ' Returns the color, modified so that it can be used as a grid cell/row highlight color.


   v.Enum.ThemeColors!ColorRed           ' Returns Red
   v.Enum.ThemeColors!ColorRed.Plus(50)  ' Returns Red, 50% lighter (light themes, darker on dark themes)
   v.Enum.ThemeColors!ColorRed.Minus(25) ' Returns Red, 25% darker (light themes, lighter on dark themes)        
   v.Enum.ThemeColors!ColorRed.Highlight ' Returns Red, appropriate for use in grid highlighting (lighter in light themes, darker in dark themes)