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Note: GAB Code Editor 4 can only be used with GSS Version 2019.1 or higher, and scripts made in this version will not run on earlier versions.

The new GAB Code Editor

This wiki is created for the new GAB Code Editor (v4) and related OCTSRS features.

For information on the previous Code Editor, visit this page..

Getting Started


To use the new editor:

  1. Open a 2019.1+ GSS Menu instance.
  2. Add a custom menu item of type "External Program", and link to Global\Plugins\GABCE4.exe
  3. Click on the custom menu item to launch.

Interface Overview

The main editor window with highlighted sections

Application sections

  1. Title Bar and Toolbar for the current tab
  2. Docked Tool Windows
  3. Opened Tabs (Script code, Included Files, Designer, Embedded File Editor)
  4. Code Editor
  5. Status Bar

Interface Details

GAB Code Editor and Runtime Features

Reporting Issues

If the Code Editor crashes, you'll see a message asking if you'd like to report the issue. Select "Yes", and follow the on-screen instructions to create a call.

If you encounter a non-crash issue, either select "Help > Report a Problem" to create a call within the editor, or select "Help > Debug > Create Debug Package". Create an issue, or email your support representative and attach the debug package.

For more in depth information on issue reporting, see the Report a Problem page.

Global Shop Employees

The GAB Code Editor includes some features only available to Global Shop employees, and some processes that are only relevant internally. To view these, visit the GAB Code Editor Internal Features page.