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This function saves the binary contents of the specified fully-qualified filename into a Binary Long OBject (BLOB) database field. This command can be used with any database supporting this data type (MySQL, SQL Server, Pervasive SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.). In Pervasive, the data type is LongVarBinary.


Function.ODBC.ConnectionName!RecordsetName.SaveFiletoBLOB(field name, FQ filename)


Field Name

Field name as string

File Name

Fully qualified file name as string




  • This function must be used with recordsets opened with either Function.ODBC.Connection!Conname.OpenLocalRecordsetRW, or Function.ODBC.Connection!Conname.OpenRecordsetRW
  • When using Pervasive SQL, this function is supported on 9.x versions, but is recommended only for 10.x and higher.