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This executes the specified stored procedure, against the specified database connection, and returns the results in the specified recordset.


Function.ODBC.Connection.RunStoredProcRstLocal(stored proc name [String], recordset name [String])

Function.ODBC.Connection.RunStoredProcRstLocal(stored proc name [String], recordset name [String], param names [String], param types [Long], param sizes [Long], param vals [String])


stored proc name


recordset name


param names


List of Input and Output parameters that needs to be passed to the stored procedure. It is a good practice to match these names with the parameter names in the stored procedure definition.

param types


Datatype of the parameters.

0 - Boolean

1 - Date-Time

2 - Float

3 - Integer

4 - String

param sizes


Size of the I/O parameters. By convention, this size should match the parameter size in the procedure definition, and 0 is used for integers.

param vals


Values for the input parameters. Blank string should be passed for output parameter.




  • The difference between Function.ODBC.Connection!conname.RunStoredProcRst and Function.ODBC.Connection!conname.RunStoredProcRstLocal is the local version creates a local scope recordset, while the base version creates a global scope recordset. Local recordsets are generally superior, since you can't run into duplication issues when you have recordsets opened in event-based code.