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How to use the Exploratory script

The Exploratory script is most useful when you need to view the passed data for a hook. By attaching the Exploratory script to a hook, the Caller Information Screen will pop-up when that hook is fired. The caller information screen lists all the controls on the screen, along with their IDs, names, data type, format, value, etc. By identifying the ID for a control, you can read or write data to the program by using Variable.Passed.

Adding Exploratory

➢Go to System Support> Administration> GAB Script Hook Maintenance

➢Select a Hook (example: 10120)

➢Click New Seq

➢Click the Binoculars

➢This should fill in Exploratory.gas

➢Click Save Seq


Attaching the Exploratory script

Viewing the Caller Information

➢Using Hook 10120 as an example, open the corresponding screen

➢Go to Inventory> File> Inventory Parts> Open

➢The Caller Information screen should open along with your other screen.

➢This is a complete list of controls for the hook.

➢You can print or save the list.


The Caller Information for hook 10120

Removing Exploratory

➢When you no longer want to use Exploratory.gas:

➢Go to System Support> Administration> GAB Script Hook Maintenance

➢Double click Exploratory.gas in the table

➢Click Delete Seq


Removing Exploratory