Data Types

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Data Type Notes

Format: "{x as integer}|{y as integer}"


Format: "{x as integer}|{y as integer}"


Format: "{Font Family}|{Font Size}" or "{Font Family}|{Font Size}|{Any number of appended attributes}"

Other attributes that can optionally be appended

• a single graphics Unit

• any number of Font Styles (Regular, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout)


• Format: "{Color}" or "{Color}|{Transparancy Level as Int}"

• Color Formats: VB6\GAB RGB Color (Int), #HTMLCode (String, with leading #), .NET Color Name(

• Transparency Level is an integer between 0 - 255 (0 - transparent, 127 - semi-transparent, 255 - opaque)


• You may set an Enum property using the name or ordinal

• Certain Enum properties may have several values assigned--e.g., Axis.LabelAutoFitStyles-- and may be combined using "|"

DataType To convert dates to a Float (necessary for some properties, such as Axis.Minimum), the date string passed should lead with "D#", e.g., "D#1/1/13"